Does INSTANET offer enough Internet to broadcast live video?

Absolutely! INSTANET is built to combine the Internet speed of up to 4 sim cards and 1 Wi-Fi, which will be more than enough to stream live videos to the Internet.

Can I use the SIM Cards and Broadband at the same time?

Yes, INSTANET can combine the Internet of up to 4 SIM cards and the Wi-Fi concurrently.

What is the estimated battery life for the equipment?

On an average, INSTANET would last for 7 to 8 hours.

Will INSTANET not work with any particular service provider?

INSTANET has been tested with Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, BSNL and other Service providers available in India.

What if the Service Provider blocks Internet bonding?

INSTANET provides state-of-the-art SSVR Encryption technology. This can be enabled on demand for full encryption of the entire bonding process.

Will INSTANET support 3G in addition to 4G?

Yes. INSTANET supports 3G in addition to 4G.

Is it possible to use 3G in a Sim card that supports 4G?

Yes! Optionally it is possible to use 3G in a 4G Sim card if the operator supports it.

Can I check my Bandwidth usage with INSTANET?

Yes. You can see the history of the Bandwidth usage of each Sim card with INSTANET.

What will happen if one of my Sim cards doesn’t work?

INSTANET will continue working with the other Sim cards.

Will there be an interruption in my livestreaming if one Sim card goes down?

Generally, there will not be any interruption if any Sim card stops working


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