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The Instanet revolutionizes ambulance connectivity, inroducing cutting-edge solutions tailored for critical moments. Offering seamless real-time video conferencing, resilient live streaming capabilities, and instanet remote access to vital medical resources, Instanet transorms how medical teams communicate and access cricial data during emergencies.


Video Conferencing & Streaming

Enhanced Communication
Enhanced Communication

Instanet enables real-time video conferencing capabilities within ambulances, fostering seamless communication between paramedics, doctors, and medical facilities.

Streaming Resilience
Streaming Resilience

With Instanet's robust connectivity, live streaming from ambulances becomes reliable, ensuring continuous transmission of vital data and live feeds during emergencies.

Mobile Ambulance

Remote Server Accessibility

Accessing Servers On Demand

Utilize Instanet's technology to access hospital servers remotely from ambulances, ensuring quick retrieval of critical patient data and medical records.

Server Rack Connectivity

Illustrate how Instanet establishes secure connections to hospital server racks, enabling seamless data transfer and accessibility during transit.

Livebox Technology for

Video Conferencing
& Streaming

Advanced Video Communication

Integrate Instanet's Livebox technology for high-quality video conferencing and streaming capabilities within ambulances, ensuring efficient communication between medical teams.

Real-time Data Transmission

Showcase how Livebox enhances real-time data transmission, supporting video conferencing needs and facilitating live streaming of medical procedures or patient conditions.

Mobile Conferencing

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